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Bioware Team Prototyping New Ideas For Next Mass Effect

The developing team of the forthcoming Mass Effect title has spent a whole week working on ideas of their own that they would like to be featured in the game.

According to Mass Effect Series Producer, Michael Gamble, he had a three-hour session of witnessing various developers working on some ‘WOWOMG’ ideas.

It’s interesting to see Bioware collaborating with the whole team to derive Mass Effect franchise forward.

Developers of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim were also given a same opportunity, but after the game was launched. The ideas put forth by the developing team were later implemented in the game in Downguard and Dragonborn DLC Packs.

As for the next Mass Effect, the details regarding the developer’s free-week are scarce and whether or not any of those ‘WOWOMG’ moments will be included in the game remains to be seen.

In related news, Bioware’s Tulay McNally is currently looking for an experienced QA Manager to join Bioware Montreal to work on the upcoming game.

Bioware has also confirmed that the upcoming game will not be called Mass Effect 4 and will feature a new protagonist which will be welcoming to both new and returning fans.

Other than this, no other details have been divulged like screenshots, gameplay footage, release date, or chosen platforms for the title.

With that being said, what would you like to be included in the next Mass Effect? Let us know in the comments below!