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Visionbooks Brings More Expressive Motion Comics on iOS

We have all been fond of our comic books. It’s difficult to let go off something that you have spent most of your childhood on.

With the changes in technology, we embraced the motion comics and now there is a new player in town: Visionbooks. The newly formed company has announced three new motion comics that they will be creating in collaboration with known publishers.

In the words of Simone Offredo, co-founder of Visionbooks, they wish to take comics to an even more expressive format:

With our technology, this very traditional medium is delivered in a new, enriched and even more expressive format.

In an interview, the spokesperson of Visionbooks explained how the concept of their motion comics is pretty novel and exciting. They have partnered with multiple publishers (for instance Asylum Press, Arcana Comics and A.P.NG. Enterprises) who will be making announcements on the partnerships very soon.

So what is it that makes them stand apart from the usual comics? Well for one, these comics are more expressive. You will see snowflakes, laser guns, explosions and everything like that in motion.

Visionbooks plans to revisit some of the classic comics and remake some of them apart from making originals. The comics that they are making are currently available on iOS but they will be available on other platforms sometime in future.

Let’s take a closer look at the new projects that they are bringing to the table. First off, there is Kade: Original Sun. The Story of Kade who has surprisingly survived a demon attack and is now in search for a vagabond named Karmic – the only known person to have survived that demon.

He is assisted by Ezra in his quest so that he can finally find the key to defeating the ferocious demon known as Apollyon.

Second is New Gen, set in the world from another dimension it features a Utopian society where the members of the society comprise of humans, robots and other creatures alike.

Matters concerning a nanotechnology ignite a war between two scientists (superhumans Gabriel and Deadalus) and as a result certain children get affected by the nanotech. These children grow up with the superhuman powers known as NanoPowers and oppose Dedalus, the superhuman scientist who caused all the havoc in the first place.

Lastly, there is Zombie Terrors – just as the name suggests, there are going to be flesh eaters and horrific stories on the same. Zombie Terrors will feature several tales of zombies with different titles.

You will meet zombies from as back in time as 1776 in Deadcoats, or a tale of Asian zombies in The Jiang Shi. All in all, there will be a lot of options for you to munch on, if you have the taste for flesh – or maybe not.

Visionbooks might not be the first player in the motion comics scene, but they surely have a lot of interesting plots to start with. What’s your take on the motion comics? Have you read anything by Visionbooks?