Time Gap is a New Hidden Objects Mystery Game for iOS and Android

Absolutist Games already has dozens of games on the iOS and Android platform, and their latest addition to the list was Time Gap: a hidden objects and mystery game that features interesting historical characters like Abraham Lincoln, Napoleon Bonaparte and Albert Einstein.

In the game, you will work loose stories from lives of multiple historical characters and travel around the world while you are at it. There will be copious minigames that you can test your skills at including a Bubble Shooter minigame, a Snooker minigame as well as Cleopatra’s Casino.

We had a talk with the developer about the game’s features and here’s how they define it:

“It stands out by a cool sci-fi storyline, a cast of historical characters (Abraham Lincoln, Cleopatra, Alexander the Great, Albert Einstein, and Napoleon Bonaparte) and deep philosophic dialogues, encouraging interest in history and science.

Due to a variety of puzzle games (over 100 levels in each), Time Gap pushes hidden object gameplay in a new direction, making it a game compendium based on hidden objects rather than a regular HO adventure. “

If you wish to know more about Time Gap, you may visit the game’s official website or check out the gameplay video above.

So are you willing to test your skills in history and science, maybe with Cleopatra, the last active pharaoh of the Egyptian Civilization who is famed for her sexual appeal?

Time Gap will release to Android and iOS on April 11 as a free to play game.