Outcast Reboot Being Funded by Kickstarter, Original Developers Reunite

Did you play the classic PC adventure Outcast? How about a reboot? The game was originally developed in 1999 and the same guys who made it are now reuniting to create an Outcast Reboot.

The team developing the game is Fresh3D Inc that includes creative director Franck Sauer, gameplay advisor Yves Grolet and technical director Yann Robert.

All of them were part of the original development team from 1999. The game was previously owned by Atari and now Fresh3D Inc has bought the rights.

We recently acquired all the rights to the Outcast franchise, and that was a prerequisite to start anything Outcast related. We believe in a close relationship between the developer and the player, something only independent development can provide.

We cannot help but think with your help we could build an entirely new world on top of the redesigned original.

Designed to take fully advantage of the new technology and character designs, and providing you with an entirely new region to explore, discover and interact with, this stretch goal will also feature brand new quests and dialogues.

More importantly, the game is initially going to be developed for PC as the developers think that the game’s birth platform should be the first one to see it relive.

As of now, the crowd funding goal is $600,000 while a Mac and Linux version will be added if $750,000 pooled up. Moving on, DirectX 11 support will be added at $950,000 and VR support will be added at $1 million.

Lastly, you will get the Xbox One and PS4 versions of the Outcast Reboot at $1.35 million.

You may read up more about the Outcast Reboot from the game’s Kickstarter page.