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New Dragon Age: Inquisition Screenshot Shows off Exalted Plains Again

You must remember the sinister yet awesome Dragon Age: Inquisition screenshot that was shared by BioWare couple of days ago.

The one with looming clouds and a pond in the midst of The Exalted Plains. Now, they have released another single screenshot which shows off the same plains in the Dales.

This time though, the new Dragon Age Inquistiion screenshot has come with a description suited to the plains that are being featured:

The Exalted Plains of the Dales are characterized by equal measures of beauty and strife. It was here, centuries ago, that the elven nation met its bitter end. On these fields, the holdouts of the elven army faced the forces of the human Chantry and died, defending their promised land to the last breath. This legacy of conflict has endured, and battle once again rages in the Dales.

The Exalted Plains are now a contested battleground in the Orlesian civil war, and soldiers fight and die here in vast numbers. As the boundaries of reality weaken across Thedas, the memory of injustices past and present draws the attention of restless spirits who rise to possess the dead and stalk the living across the blood-steeped earth.

With the days of the elven wars long gone, the Exalted Plains will now play the role of the battleground for a different kind of foes. Complete with the aspect of spirits, the scarecrow shown in the screenshot above does ensue the kind of foreboding sensations that the history of this place has in store.

Check out the new Dragon Age Inquisition screenshot above and let us know what you think of the Exalted Plains.