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Tablet Version for Mojang’s Scrolls Confirmed, Other Changes Detailed as Well

After being quiet for a little while, the development team behind Mojang’s Scrolls is vocal again and this time they have an announcement to make. The strategy collectible card game is going to make its way to tablets soon!

The official website of Mojang’s Scrolls was updated with a post where the developers discussed what has been going on in the course of game development. It was there that they announced partnership with Ludosity for the tablet version of the game.

An iPad/tablet version of Scrolls is in the works! We’ve enlisted the aid of Ludosity to port Scrolls into flatter, more touchy devices. We’ll have more news on this soon.

Ludosity is a small sized development studio that has games like Ittle Dew, MURI and Card City Nights to their name. They have previously developed for iOS and PC.

Other than that, the post shared changes that have been made to the game for example a new ranking system is being made along with a system to reward hyper active players. Moreover, the previous tutorial is being replaced by two quicker ones while the audio and visuals are being enhanced to make attacks and enchantments more striking.

Oh, and we might also see a demo version of the game.

We don’t have a release date or an expected schedule for that matter. However, more details on Mojang’s Scrolls tablet version will be released soon and we shall update you accordingly. In the meanwhile, if you have been a part of the game’s beta, tell us what your impressions are about it.