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Kinect Sports Rivals Available Now On Xbox One

Kinect Sports Rivals is now available for the Xbox One. It’s the third game in the series and while Kinect Sports and Kinect Sports Season 2 both were released on Xbox 360, Rivals is exclusive to Xbox One.

Microsoft’s intention for Kinect Sports Rivals is to showcase what Kinect 2.0 can do and how it adds value to Xbox One, and Rivals showcases that by using Kinect’s motion controls for games like Rock Climbing, Target Shooting, Tennis, Football, Jetski Racing and Bowling.

All the sports in the game have local and online multiplayer support. You can either play in a competitive mode or in a co-operative mode.

If you already have played the previous versions of the game, then tennis and bowling will feel quite similar to you, but this time both games have some depth. The gameplay with an AI opponent and Human opponent will differ according to the skill level of the player.

There hasn’t been a lot of games coming to Kinect, but it is bundled with every single Xbox One sold, so the Kinect Sports Rivals is Microsoft’s first step to make Kinect mainstream when it comes to gaming on Xbox One.

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