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Japan Still Has One PSP Model Out There

While the PSP has long since gone the way of the buffalo, Japan still has one remaining unit in production. Reports from Siliconera state that the Piano Black PSP-3000 model is still available, while all others have been discontinued.

In Japan, the PSP had a much larger selection of colors than overseas. Previous builds featured Radiant Red, Bright Yellow, Spirited Green and Vibrant Blue from the Carnival Colors series, as well as Blossom Pink.

There are still a very select few games that come out on PSP these days. For instance, Xseed Games is continuing their franchise, The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, on the older handheld for the second release.

Publishers like MonkeyPaw Games and Ghostlight Games are also still supporting the platform. The former previously launched a Retro Rush promotion with six titles that were localized and compatible with PSP, such as the long awaited Tomba 2.

Sony’s handheld might still make it to a decade anniversary for Japan, as the PSP was originally launched there in December of 2004. Its bigger brother, the Playstation 2, made it well above 10 years of service and was still operational as early on back as last year, when FIFA 14 released as the final game on there.

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