Ironfall Lets You Play Titanfall in Minecraft, Here’s How

I am sure no one would mind getting to play a little more of Titanfall, but how about getting to play Titanfall in Minecraft? Well, there is a new mini-game in Minecraft and it is called Ironfall that lets you enjoy the same experience in Minecraft-style. What choice of a name!

As expected, Ironfall is completely inspired from Titanfall and has everything ranging from the maps to the guns and even the Titans. You actually get to play in solo or call in a Titan (now called Golem).

The developers that are letting you play Titanfall in Minecraft, posted images to Imgur with details on how they are doing it:

“When we saw Titanfall, we knew right away that we would have to try and remake it, to the best of our abilities, in Minecraft. This is Ironfall, the product of that idea.

For the time being we have only one map, Rise. We are currently working on recreating some of the other Titanfall maps. Games are played with 8 players to a team and a limit of 4 golems per team at a time. Currently every game is Attrition, where you score points for your team for killing enemy Golems and Pilots. First team to 100 points wins.”

Ironfall actually tries to imitate Titanfall in every possible way with the block-styled characters; for instance your abilities include double jump and wall running giving you the same feel as the original.

Oh and if you call in your Golem/Titan while you are under a glass roof, the Ironfall/Titanfall actually smashes through the glass roof – pretty cool eh?

So, how many of you are going to play Titanfall in Minecraft with Ironfall?