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GTA V Online to Get Capture Job Creator This Friday

Rockstar Games has announced that they will be adding a new feature to the GTA V Online creator called Capture Jobs Creator. This feature will let you create your own jobs across the four variants of capture jobs (Contend, GTA, Raid and Hold) available.

The created jobs will earn you twice the money and RP than any other jobs available in the multiplayer. There are six capture jobs that Rockstar wants you to check out before you create your own specific job.

  • Contend: Salty Snatch
  • GTA: All Abhorred
  • GTA: Field of Screams
  • Hold: Freight Fight
  • Raid: High Road
  • Raid: Wargames

The capture jobs in GTA V Online are just like capture the flag mode that players are accustomed to play in other games. Two teams will face off each other and will try to steal the merchandise from the opponents and bring it back to their own base.

There are different types of Capture jobs available throughout the world of GTA V Online, and each one provides a different perspective for the job.

Capture Jobs Creator will be available to everyone this Friday on 11th of April.

Moreover, Rockstar Games announced that they have released a new title update 1.12 of the game that fixes a lot of issues faced by the players.

The update will give you an option to call Lester so that cops will stay away from you. Furthermore, the money for completing any of the jobs available has increased.

What is your opinion on Capture Creator? Do you want to make your own jobs? Let us know in your comments!

Source: Rockstar Games