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Fortnite Reveal Around the Corner; Alpha Signups Now Open

It’s been just about two years since we last heard Epic detailing their open-world zombie game Fortnite. While we did saw the developer mentioning the game last year, the team has relatively kept quite about it all this time.

Today tough it was revealed that Fornite is finally coming out of the closet. The game is to be featured on the May cover of Game Informer, and will carry a lot of details, as well as answering the many questions fans have about it.

Epic Games is also opening signups for Alpha testers. It’s not known when the Alpha phase will begin but interested players can request a spot by telling the developer “little bit about yourself” through 13 questions.

The questions are pretty much general and ask your name, email address, gaming passions, play style, preferred platform and such. It also asks as to how many free-to-play games you’ve played recently and how much money you have spent in microtransactions.

Fortnite is being developed using the new Unreal Engine 4 for PC. Featuring co-op, you can work together with friends to scavenge necessary supplies to build up fortifications during the day time.

For at night, the creepy crawlers come to life and you’ll be defending against them until morning. The building procedure is similar to what you have in minecraft. However, the combat in Fortnite is said to be what makes it stand aside.

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