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Developers Skeptical of DirectX 12’s Claims of Doubling Xbox One’s Performance

DirectX 12, a new version of Microsoft’s Direct3D API, was showcased at the recent Game Developers Conference; where Microsoft presented just how it would evolve their graphics platform.

It’s said to improve CPU utilization thanks to a lower level of hardware abstraction and enhanced multi-threading scaling. Direct3D 12 will also offer reduced GPU overhead and new rendering pipeline features that will help in enhancing Algorithm Efficiency.

While many, including Brad Wardell, founder and CEO of Stardock, claimed that DirectX 12 was a game changer for the Xbox One and that it could very well enhance Xbox One’s GPU capabilities. There are other developers who are skeptical of the claims.

Treyarch software engineer Dan Olson tweeted his opinion on the article and was seemingly less amused: “Here’s an article… no idea why people go on record for stuff like this.”

Programmer Dean Ashton found the claim outrageous and took it as a hilarious joke. He tweeted, “2x perf on Xbox One when using DX12? That article nearly made me choke on my cup of tea.”

Kevin Gosse, Software Developer for .Net and Windows tweeted: “RyuJIT/SIMD, DX12, Mantle.. Moving back to lower abstraction levels. Programming is about rediscovering the same principles again and again!”

Skepticism aside, a lot of people have huge hopes that DirectX 12 will indeed be the game changer claimed by Microsoft or at least help the Xbox One get as close to it’s competition as possible.

DirectX 12 will be available in Q4 2015.

via WCCFTech