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Call of Duty: Ghosts Killstreak Rewards Now Gained Through Points, Not Kills

Update: Infinity Ward has released patch notes for the hotfix.

Killstreak point rewards have been tweaked for KC, DOM and Grind game types “to promote objective play.”

Players will now gain half point on KC for collecting tags, half point for neutralizing a flag in Domination, and another half point for capturing it, finally there’s half point to gain in Grind for each tag.

Original Story:
The traditional way of achieving Killstreaks in Call of Duty games is being altered. Previously players racked up kills and based on consecutive kill counts, they were rewarded with abilities.

Developer Infinity Ward now though is changing that in Call of Duty: Ghosts; where players will now have to earn points, instead of kills. Call of Duty: Black Ops II offered a similar setup but this is the first time Infinity Ward is opting for it in their installments.

While there has been no official announcement on the matter, MP1st reports that they have come to know of testing already being done on the Xbox One. This ultimately means that in Call of Duty: Ghosts players can now achieve Killstreak awards quicker, by amassing points through capturing points, collecting tags and killing enemies.

The alternation in the system was made through a “ninja” update which players probably didn’t know about. Infinity Ward has noted that they’ll make an official announcement soon and offer more details.

Source: Mp1st