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Beta Testers for Xbox One Updates Can Now Invite Friends for Preview

According to a Reddit User named KAM 7, Microsoft will be providing opportunity to the beta testers of the upcoming update to invite their friends for previewing the update.

If you wanted to be a part of the preview but were unable to do so, now is your chance. The preview app has been updated as you can see in the image below and it gives testers of update, the opportunity to invite their friends to participate in it.

xbox one

If you have any friend who is currently working on the new update or if you know any previewer, only thing you got to do is ask.

However, anyone who wants to get registered to the preview must be careful. Although it is just a preview but as soon as you accept the invite, you will be a part of the beta testing and it will directly affect the operating system of your Xbox One.

That means you are going to face some small or big issues which can impact your overall experience of gaming. So, if you are interested in an invite then be ready for the complications that lie ahead.

Are you going to request some of your friend to get an invite for your Xbox One? Are you interested in testing the beta? Let us know in your comments!