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Arma 2 Free Will Die Out On April 22

Developer Bohemia Interactive has announced that Arma 2 Free will ride off into the sunset this month, shutting down servers and availability. It will no longer be a part of the Arma series on April 22, 2014.

Arma 2 Free was originally launched in June of 2011 for PC. It offered players a way to get into the series free of charge with a lighter version of the full release.

While it’s possible for users to go online and play in multiplayer, Arma 2 Free didn’t include any campaign, nor HD textures or any support for additions. It wasn’t really a free-to-play title either, since the game didn’t hold in-game transactions or anything of the sort.

Although the Arma series is tied to Steam, Arma 2 Free was pulled from the storefront in 2012 already. Now, it will kind of disappear completely.

To make sure the remaining user base has somewhere to go, Bohemia Interactive will slash prices of all Arma 2 releases on their own store. From now until May 4, the store has those games up at a 75% discount.

Their franchise is currently headed towards bigger and better things anyway. In a previous announcement, they revealed a D&D-like mod for Arma 3 and the popular survival game DayZ is still a colossal success on Steam.