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Unlock Battlefield 4 Phantom Camo through Phantom Trainee Challenge

Back in December, the Phantom program challenges were first revealed when people stumbled upon Battlefield 4 Phantom Prospect. However, that is not the only chunk of challenges stashed away in the game. The New Phantom Trainee Challenge has surfaced and completing it will get you Battlefield 4 Phantom Camo!

Yes, you get a whole lot of weapons, bikes, planes, jeeps and many other vehicles camouflaged with the new Phantom themed camo. You can see the images below for an idea of how it will look on everything, thanks Norway Spruce.

In order for you to unlock the Battlefield 4 Phantom Camo, you will first need to activate the Phantom Trainee Challenge. This is done by the same process with which Phantom Prospect was activated.

However, before you can attempt the new challenge you must first have completed the Phantom Prospect.

That being said, here’s how to activate the Phantom Trainee Challenge. You will have to visit the leaderboards and then click on the skull in the bottom left side of the page. You will then wait for the program to ask you for a password. When prompted, enter EPIC DREAM WORLDS.

By doing so, the challenge will be open for you to accept and then complete.

Your next step will be to follow a set of challenges and complete them. As you can see from the image at the end of the story, the required tasks will be:

Score 200 kills with pistols
Score 20 kills in a jet
Get 2x Shotgun Ribbons in a round

You complete these and voila! The Battlefield 4 Phantom Camo is yours!

Battlefield 4 phantom trainee challenge