Unconfirmed Screenshot Shows Dark Souls 2 PC Graphics Options

There has been quite a debate concerning the graphical capabilities of the PC version of Dark Souls 2. While we were assured that unlike the first title, Dark Souls 2 would have considerably a better visual fidelity on the PC; recent speculation put the game pretty much on par with the console versions.

To make matters worse, a lot of high resolution PC screenshots of Dark Souls 2 were removed recently from the game’s Steam page. This pretty much had the community believing that Dark Souls 2 had been downgraded from its initial promotional materials.

In contrast to all of that, a screenshot allegedly showing the game’s graphics options has been circulating NeoGAF and Reddit since morning. We’ve yet to receive the official green light on its authenticity.

If the image is to be believed that Dark Souls 2 on the PC will have quite a few options to play with in its video settings. You can spot Texture settings, Character Model, Shadows, Anti Aliasing, Water Quality, SSAO, and more.

We do have to ask as to what “high” really translates here. Whether it matches the visuals found on the console versions, or if they will be better. We’ll know for sure when the game releases on PC on April 25.