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Square Enix Launches Collective Program for Crowdfunded Games

Square Enix officially launches the previously announced Collective program, one which allows game developer to ask Square Enix’ support in promoting and marketing their crowdfunded games. Projects that get the public’s interest will receive Square Enix’s support from the development all the way to the release of the game.

The interesting part is that Square Enix’s program also allows game developers to work on old Eidos IPs now owned by Square Enix. Though yet to be finalized, game developers can have a shot at recreating the following popular titles like Gex, Fear Effect and Anachronox – 3 fan-favorite IPs Square Enix is willing to bring back for now. Until Square Enix comes to a conclusion, the Collective only accepts original submissions.

So far there are three games that have passed through the initial phase of the Collective Program: Tuque Games’ Procedural Action RPG “World War Machine” gained the public’s interest
with 90% of the responders willing to pay for the game will enter crowdfunding by the end of the month with full support from Square Enix.

Ruffian Games, makers of Crackdown, were unable to qualify for the program. Their entry, Game of Glens managed to get a 40% approval rating because the fans had expected Crackdown 3.
The team has suspended work on Game of Glens to work on other projects that will appeal to the Crackdown fans.

The Collective will publish new entries every Monday starting this month. For now only original titles will be accepted into the Program but once the terms and conditions have been finalized, we can expect game developers to pitch for new Fear Effect, Gex and Anachronox Games.