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Spark Rising Has A New Demo For Its Blocky Shooter

Developer Wicked Loot Studios released a demo for Spark Rising, which was used to showcase some of its elements at GDC this year. It’s headed for PC sometime later in 2014.

One of the notable aspects of the demo is that it was made entirely in Spark Rising’s own Creative Mode level editor. Therefore, anything you see in it can be reproduced.

There’s also a blocky style with stylish colors to look at, when you’re not shooting at things. You’ll be able to view the battlefield from either a first or a third person perspective.

Spark Rising will eventually be a sandbox title where you can build and entire fortress, then defend it from others. Through user generated content, you’ll have your pick of structures ripe for the taking.

In the game, there’s even some room for 4X strategy traits. As you build your defenses, manage turrets and so on, you’ll face off against other players doing the same who try to invade you.

There’s some procedural generation in effect in Spark Rising as well, to populate its galaxy with as many enemies as possible.

As with many other titles, like the recent demo of SkullDive, this project is made with the Unity Engine.

If you’re a fan of Steam games, you may want to try out Spark Rising right now to see if it’s your thing. It was recently approved through Steam Greenlight and will eventually come to Early Access.