The Simpsons do a Minecraft Couch Gag, Check it Out Here

Well, if you are a Minecraft fan you’d be interested in knowing what The Simpsons are up to; and if you are a The Simpsons fan you’d still be interested in the new Minecraft couch gag. Yes, they actually did a parody of the sandbox game on their show.

It was as surprising for Markus Persson aka Notch as it was interesting for us. The game creator took to Twitter saying that “the Simpsons did a Minecraft couch gag. I’m not sure how I feel about it.”

No it doesn’t mean he didn’t like it. What he actually meant was expressed in another tweet by him. What he meant was that the fame Minecraft has received is overwhelming and so he didn’t know what to feel. Here’s the working of the other tweet:

“I STILL feel a bit like it’s just this small game I made at home. It’s so weird to have all these things happen.”

As you can see above, the Minecraft couch gag shows the Simpsons family’s blockey versions like we see in Minecraft. This also includes their house and Springfield, their hometown.

So, how was it?