Nvidia Releases GeForce Experience 2.0 – ShadowPlay for Notebooks and Much More

Nvidia has released GeForce Experience 2.0 that will introduce ShadowPlay for Notebooks, Desktop Capture and a lot more. A post was made on the official website of GeForce where the features have been revealed and discussed in great detail

Today, we are releasing GeForce Experience 2.0, a major update that introduces ShadowPlay desktop capture, advanced Twitch streaming controls, ShadowPlay for notebooks, and SHIELD GameStream support for notebooks. This expansive update enables the capture of any game in Windows, gives streamers complete control over their feeds, enables fullscreen gameplay capture on notebooks, and enables GeForce GTX notebooks to stream gameplay to NVIDIA SHIELD, just like desktops.

The ShadowPlay capture capabilities will now be available on PC so that you can record or stream videos from windowed games, borderless windowed games and the desktop. This will bring seamless capture from within games like League of Legends. Simply put “you can now capture gameplay from Minecraft, OpenGL Unity games, older games, popular indie games, and anything else you can think of. You can even create video tutorials in Windows.”

On the other hand, Twitch streaming will be uninterrupted of LoL or any windowed game. In order to ensure that desktop capture is enabled you must get GeForce Experience 2.0, get GeForce 337.50 beta drivers and enable Windows Aero mode. Thereon, you will have to enable the desktop capture mode by going to ShadowPlay in Preferences and then choosing Allow desktop capture.

There is a detailed post on the official GeForce website where you will be able to find out all you want to know about GeForce Experience. Do let us know what you think about it.