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Kingdom Under Fire 2 PS4 Version Superior To The PC Version

Sang Youn Lee, producer of the upcoming MMORTS Kingdom Under Fire 2, has revealed the graphics quality difference between the PS4 and the PC.

Speaking with, Lee dodged the question of comparison, saying that he wouldn’t like to go into details because it would make the PC gamers angry.

“A little hard to discuss the differences right now because if the PC users know, they will be very angry,” he said. “PS4 has much better graphics. PS4 graphics quality will be much better and higher than the PC version.”

It’s unclear how much the PC version will be inferior to the PS4 version and how big the gap is. Previously Lee is recorded to have said that the game was being developed for low to medium end PCs (the game was said to be able to run on a Nvidia 7600GT).

Kingdom Under Fire 2 will release this month on the PC with Blue Side Studios aiming to release the PS4 version simultaneously across Japan, Korea and Europe later this year. They also mentioned their talks with Microsoft about releasing the MMORPG on the Xbox One.

Kingdom Under Fire 2, originally announced in January 2008 to be released in 2009 on the PC Xbox 360 and PS3, suffered many delays and release platform changes until last year when the developers announced the PS4 version in the works, though no release date is given as of yet.