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Indie Game SkullDive Pre-Alpa Demo Up For Download

Developer Ripper Games has decided to release a short pre-alpha demo for their upcoming PC game SkullDive. It’s available for download right now.

It’s said that SkullDive will mix some roguelike designs along with platform elements. So far, it’s more centered on simple puzzles and adventuring, so there’s more coming once it gets out of this early state.

In the demo, you’ll start off in a dark crypt with a cute skeleton protagonist. It’s possible to talk to a Soul Bringer crystal there for a few instructions on what needs to be done.

You’ll be charged with finding a few keys to get out of the crypt. Items will be hidden around the environment, which can be affected by physics.

There are plans to make keys an integral part of SkullDive. By using several tiers of rarity for both treasure chests and doors, players will need to collect a series of different things to progress.

Depending on how rare a certain lock is, this might involve racking up quite a few items. For instance, a simple chest may only need one silver key, while another can take up to 8 gold keys.

SkullDive is made in the Unity engine. It has the sort of cutesy, rounded out models and colorful textures that come along with many titles using those tools.