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Goat Simulator Getting Free Split Screen Multiplayer

Goat Simulator, the hilarious indie sandbox title by Coffee Stain Studios, will be getting a Split Screen Multiplayer mode in its upcoming update.

The free update will add new content focused on increasing its replay value with the fan-requested Split Screen mode, a new map, playable goats, Steam achievements and more.

Coffee Stain’s Armin Ibrisagic accredited the free update to Steam Workshop saying, “A lot of people have been asking for DLC with new maps for Goat Simulator, but we would feel bad charging people for DLC content when people can just download new stuff for free from the Steam Workshop, so we decided to do a free update instead.”

The new update will launch around the end of May.

Goat Simulator started as a joke in a one-month game jam held by Cofee Stain Studios in January 2014, a parody of successful simulation games which gained a following after a alpha footage of the game was released on YouTube. The fans found the glitches appealing in the game so the developers worked to fix the software bugs, giving us a stable glitch-infested simulator that made as little sense as it could.

Goat Simulator was released in April 1 2014 on Steam for Windows with the ports for Mac OS X and Linux under development.