EA Sports UFC Brings Bruce Lee as Pre-order Bonus, Trailer Inside

Are you a diehard martial arts fan? If you are, you must have seen all the movies that featured Bruce Lee. Now, EA is going to bring Lee, the man himself, into EA Sports UFC as a playable character!

EA Sports has announced that everyone who pre-orders the game is going to be able to play as the Little Phoenix.

The news that EA Sports UFC was going to feature the maestro of martial arts was previously leaked through a screenshot that went viral. Now it has been confirmed by EA itself. Here’s how the official EA Sports website describes the added content:

“Everybody wants to be Bruce Lee – and in EA SPORTS UFC everybody can. Pre-order your copy of EA SPORTS UFC today and get the chance to play as Bruce on Day One, or step into the Octagon, claim the belt and beat career mode to unlock the martial arts legend.”

So why did they choose Bruce Lee? If you are asking that question instead of shaking with excitement, you are not looking for the right game, folks. Anyhow, in the words of the game developers, mixing together the most iconic martial artist and UFC – the ‘fastest growing sport in the world’ – was just what the UFC Octagon wanted.

Check out the video above and tell us how excited you are about getting to play as Bruce Lee in EA Sports UFC?