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Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Level 70 Demon Hunter Builds Guide For Torment

Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls brings new challenges for the revenge-hungry Demon Hunter, a class that still remains unforgiving even at heightened difficulties.

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Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Level 70 Demon Hunter Builds

The Demon Hunter in Torment can be squishy at times, but with the right set of equipment and a wisely thought out build, one can achieve unmatched offensive success with this naturally ranged character.

So string those handbows and pack those quivers, as we explore a couple of Torment level builds for the Demon Hunter, along with recommended gear that should go along with them.

Build #1 – Fatal HungerClick To View Build
This is a classic pre Reaper of Souls build that utilizes the near Vengeance skill of the expansion. The build uses a well-known set of skills that work best in tandem, giving a mixture of survivability, mobility, and high DPS.

Your main Hatred generator in this case is Hungering Arrow. Hatred is very difficult to generate, and when generated often gets spent very quickly, forcing one to stick to the primary DPS generator skill for majority of the time.

We know for a fact that this is a concerning thing when it comes to large mobs such as the ones encountered in Nephalem Rifts.

For this reason, you need as much Hatred as you can acquire, and as quickly as possible, and we’re using Serrated Arrow rune to achieve exactly that!

Elemental Arrow will be your main Hatred spender and also your high damage AoE skill.

The slow moving Lightning orbs will deal a lot of damage if you have managed to acquire gear that greatly amplifies your Critical Hit Chance and Damage. This is the right skill to use for dealing with large mobs.

With your Hungering Arrow generating 9 Hatred every hit, you’ll be able to use Elemental Arrow after every two hits, which is an excellent bargain.

Shadow Power is your main defensive skill and also serves as your healing ability.

With plenty of life-steal, SP should be activated every time you’re facing an abnormally large mob with beefy monsters in it, and should definitely be activated when facing Elites and bosses.

One other skill that should be activated when facing Elites and bosses in Vengeance. This is your go-to skill whenever you are in a sticky situation.

The skill will transform you into a being of vengeance, and with the Dark Heart passive should allow you to take care of large Elite packs and intimidating mobs.

Finally there is Vault, which is a Discipline-oriented skill that you can use both as a getaway ability and as a powerful initiator. The Trail of Cinders rune will allow you to deal additional Fire damage in an area, resulting in increased efficiency against mobs and heavier enemies.

Do note that Vault needs some practice, as it’s a skill that you can easily misplace and end up in the entirely wrong position. Since this build suggestion is meant for level 70 characters, I’m guessing your practice with vaulting won’t be below par.

For passives, we’re taking Tactical Advantage to grant extra movement speed after Vaulting, which is very useful if you’re trying to run away or position yourself better (something you would do a lot as a Demon Hunter).

Sharpshooter will stack up your Critical Hit Chance till you hit a target, which is the bread-and-butter attribute for success with the DH class, while Single Out will further ensure that your crit chance is up against all enemies further than 20 yards.

Since you are essentially a ranged character, this will work massively in your favor as you can shoot out Hungering Arrows from a distance follow by slow Ball Lightning Elemental Arrows.

And finally there is Perfectionist, which will aid you very well defensively and also reduce the Discipline cost, making this build slightly less resource-hungry than it seems.

Recommended Gear
With the Demon Hunter, there are four things you want to consider: Armor, Resistance, Critical Hit Chance, and Critical Hit Damage.

If your positioning is good, and you can manage to vault out of sticky situations (though there will always be those situations when you can’t escape), you won’t need armor that much, but still it’s essential to stack up some armor-based toughness if you wish to survive against fast enemies that like to close in.

Resistance is an absolute necessity for any and every class out there, as in Torment the only thing that will truly worry you are the notorious elementally enchanted Elites that can destroy you with their lava trails, fire mortars, and arcane lasers.

Finally, the two most important stats for the DH offensively are Critical Hit Chance and Damage. Use two handbows with this build for added attack speed, and make sure both of them have a socket.

Insert Emerald gems in the socket for the crit damage, while you should try to acquire bracers, gloves, satchels, and rings that boost your crit chance. With the DH, you should have a native crit chance of above 40%, with the crit damage around 350-450%.

Build #2 – A Slowed DeathClick To View Build
Many would actually be surprised when knowing about the amazing crowd controlling abilities that the Demon Hunter possesses.

Yes, it’s mainly restricted to slowing and crippling enemies, but the rate and regularity with which you can do it is astonishing and admirable.

This little feat is exactly what this build is made for: to slow your enemies and maximize your damage against them. For this very reason, we’re using Entangling Shot as the main Hatred generator.

Entangling Shot with Heavy Burden will have a fairly long-lasting slow cc on your enemies, which you can capitalize on thanks to the Cull the Weak passive.

Additionally, you can lay in a mark on the ground with the Valley of Death rune for Marked for Death, further increasing your damage against these slow enemies.

And if you wish to completely destroy large trash mobs, you can walk in between them, trigger your Fan Knives, Vault out without much of a scratch (thanks to the Bladed Armor rune), setting the place on fire (Trailer of Cinders rune), and then proceed to toss out multiple Twin Chakrams with the whatever amount of Hatred you have accumulated.

This rotation should allow you to get rid of large mobs fairly quickly, and keep those super-fast enemies in check.

Same works equally well against Elites, though you’d have to take the risk of going in between the (which is hellish if you’ve come across ones that leave lava trails or have fire chains).

However, the armor and added resistance from Perfectionist should help you survive the scare, even though you’ll seem to remain careful and maintain a wise distance afterwards.

Sharpshooter will ensure that your initiations are deadly, while Single Out will keep you fed with crit chance while at a distance, making your Hungering Arrows and Chakrams fairly lethal. Make sure that you have additional crit chance stacked up.

Recommended Gear
Bow and Quiver is the way to go with this build, as you aren’t demanding attack speed. Try for a Quiver that would help you get as much utility as possible by aiding in your Hatred generation and also boosting your crit chance/damage.

Your bow should definitely have a socket for an Emerald gem, and you shoot embed some Dexterity Emeralds in your armor and rings, along with Diamonds in your pants (lol) and armor.