Dead Crusade – Plague And Unreal Engine 4 Looks Amazing

Indie developer Aesthetic Games has put up a Kickstarter campaign for an upcoming zombie slasher called Dead Crusade.  It centers itself on the historical event that is the Black Death plague pandemic that swept across Europe in 1346.

In this medieval setting, the world will be riddled with death and decaying cityscapes. Dead people affected by the plague eventually come back to feast on the living, which is not going to solve that whole disease spreading thing.

Currently, Dead Crusade is planned for late 2015 on PC. It will use roleplaying game (RPG) elements for its characters, such as different classes and a progression system involving skills.

Since the plague is a central theme, players will be able to become affected as well. To overcome this, it’s possible to grow skills in resisting infection, along with a range of other passive and active abilities.

There are three strains of plague that will have different effects on gameplay in Dead Crusade.

Pneumonic plague affects the lungs, causing for hindering coughing spells and making sprinting more taxing on the body.

With the bubonic plague, you’ll be afflicted with lymph nodes, which will cause you to hallucinate. There may suddenly be more enemies on the screen, which should heighten a paranoid state.

Those with truly bad fortune can be contaminated with a rare septicemic plague. It makes your heart explode, so use the remaining time wisely.

Combat is done in real time with a range of motions, such as swipes or overhead strikes. Gameplay can be seen in either first or third person perspective.

There will be multiplayer support in Dead Crusade, so that some drawbacks like getting affected by disease, can be compensated.

Dead Crusade is being made with the Unreal Engine 4 and that makes this environment extra creepy, with incredible detail and gorgeous lighting, even if the place is a bit dark.

Aesthetic Games are asking for a reasonable $250,000 to make this project a reality. It could definitely use more support than it currently has going, so pledge to Dead Crusade today.