Craglorn is The First Adventure Zone for The Elder Scrolls Online

Zenimax Online will be rolling out the first piece of content for The Elder Scrolls Online in the form of the game’s first Adventure Zone.

It’s called Craglorn and comes with a new ‘intriguing’ storyline. The area is designed for “Veteran” players and features four-player quests running up to 12-player Trials.

Zenimax notes that it’s advisable to visit Craglorn once you have gone through the game’s 1-50 content, since it provides a greater challenge to players who then need to be well prepared and equipped.

The introduction of Trials is an interesting one where players will be fighting in groups against waves of enemies in an attempt to beat the clock. These timed challenges will be recorded on leaderboards where players can compare their time stamps. These though are limited to PvE settings only and not PvP.

Craglorn’s new group PvE quests, new instanced delves and leaderboard challenges will be available by the end of the month to all subscribers. The Elder Scrolls Online was released earlier this week and is now available for PC and Mac. The MMO’s initial reception was pretty good, with the game’s strange subscription system being the only thorn in players’ sides.