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Battlefield 4’s Next Update Brings Custom Loadout Presets

The next update for Battlefield 4 is going to introduce the ability to create and store custom presets.

Presently players are able to set up a single preset of every class. In-game if they decide on having to change their preset of say the Engineer class, they’ll have to head into the menu and do so on an individual basis.

DICE is going to allow everyone to store a maximum of two presets (four for Premium members) for every class and vehicle. For example, you can store a very aggressive loadout for an Engineer but switch in-game to an anti-tank one; all through the click of a button.

Note that Loadout Presets will only be accessible through Battlelog and will not be present in-game. Players will first have to switch to the Battlelog screen and then select a preset, which will then follow in-game.

You will find them by heading into Loadouts and then ‘Manage Presets.’ Here you can browse through the presets and edit, delete or apply them as your default starting loadouts. These can also be accessed through the Battlelog app on either mobile or tablets.

The update is scheduled for April 8. DICE has promised to tweak and add more functions, based on feedback and comments.

Source Battlefield Blog