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Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Level 70 Wizard Builds Guide For Torment

After the 2.0 Patch, the Wizard by far is considered as the most balanced class in Diablo 3, particularly in the Reaper of Souls expansion.

The elemental-magic wielders are adept at just about anything: they are faster than most classes by default, have insane AoE, insane crowd-control, and amazing evasive maneuvers that can get them out of sticky situations despite their fragility and squishiness.

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Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Level 70 Wizard Builds For Torment

If you’re looking to spend countless hours of rift farming and bounty hunting, the Wizard is the ideal choice, and for those of you who are leveling yours till level 70, or are simply looking for a decent way of playing them, this guide offers you three different builds to try out with your sly sorcerer/sorceress.

Build #1 – SubzeroClick To View Build
This is easily my favorite build to play with the Wizard, as it gives you so much dominance during battle. If you’re used to seeing lots of YouTube videos and Twitch streams of Wizards, you’ll notice that a large portion of the community uses one specific skill a lot: Arcane Orb with the Frozen Orb rune.

This amazing skill is one of the most powerful DPS abilities in the game. Not only does it do some severe AoE damage, it shreds through mobs, slowing them down terribly and allowing you to acquire almost absolute control of the entire region.

It works brilliantly against just about any kind of Elite or higher leveled enemy – simply said, it is absolutely overpowered. In fact, we won’t be surprised if Blizzard decides to (sadly) nerf this powerful rune.

Arcane Power generates quite rapidly, which is the reason why some people opt to not use a signature spell at all.

However, we’re going with one, and since this is a cold-based build, we’re using Magic Missile with Glacial Spike. This will freeze enemies still the first or second time you hit them, and the synergy of this rune and Frozen Orb with the passives is what makes this build so effective.

Teleport is your go-to escape and rapid-movement skill. This skill is made even more powerful with the ridiculously OP Wormhole rune.

You can manage to teleport 3 or 4 times repeatedly before it hits cool-downs thanks to this amazing rune, allowing you to traverse terrain quickly or escape certain-death situations to recuperate.

Blackhole is your initiation skill, and the passive it gains from the Absolute Zero rune will stack up with the Cold Blooded and Elemental Exposure passive skills. This will allow you to deal 18% additional damage (and increasing, thanks to the stacking ability of Elemental Exposure) to frozen enemies, and that is a not a bad number at all when you’re playing Torment with already 400k+ DPS.

Blackhole is a brilliant skill that further adds to the already impressive arsenal of the Wizard, and can allow for some good damage output, high crowd-control, and a great passive buff to boost your cold damage.

Ice Armor will keep you protected from melee attacks, which are the Achilles’ heel of the Wizard, especially with the high-risk high-reward (but totally awesome) Glass Cannon passive. If you’re feeling a bit too squishy, consider swapping out Elemental Exposure for something like Dominance.

Finally, there is the Archon skill. Much like Wrath of the Berserker for the Barbarian (but without the toughness buff), this is your get-out-of-jail card when you’re facing tough enemies.

Archon is a very powerful (and cool looking) skill, but it will decrease your movement speed a bit, which can make vanilla Archon a bit risky against enemies that do insane melee damage. That’s why we’re using the Teleport rune to add a sweetly useful skill when in Archon form with a fairly low cool-down.

Recommended Gear
Get yourself a fast one-handed weapon (ideally a sword) with plenty of DPS, and ideally a socket slot for some Emeralds. Emeralds will greatly increase your Critical Hit Damage, which is an absolute must to capitalize on the already-insane damage that your character can do.

Look for maximizing your Critical Hit Chance from Gloves and Amulets, and you should have an Orb in your off-hand that would increase your Arcane pool and/or speedup its regeneration.

On Armor, stack up a mixture of Resistance and Intelligence for additional survivability and damage. Adding Resistance via Diamonds is very useful (more than stacking Vitality) in Torment, as the heaviest damage done by Elites is elemental.

Build #2 – Thunderstruck NukeClick To View Build
The Wizard is an excellent nuker and this build proves exactly that. You’ll be using a combination of three skills to nuke a large mob, which is an absolute treat to watch. When you’re not nuking, you’ll have the assistance of multiple duplicates aiding you for a short while.

Your signature skill for this build is Electrocute, with the Surge of Power rune. This is a relatively Arcane-hungry setup for the Wizard, so you’ll need that extra bit of juice.

Your main DPS and AoE skill is Wave of Force. This is a powerful knockback skill that will also be your first step in the nuke process.

The other skills involved in the nuke process are Blackhole and Meteor. Without the Reaper of Souls expansion, Meteor has too much of a spawn time to be effective against trash mobs and speedy Elites, but thanks to Blackhole, you can have your mob right where you want them.

So here’s how the nuke goes: You initiate with Electrocute, then use your Wave of Force skill on a large mob. This will trigger the Static Pulse passive, meaning any lightning damage you deal will have 15% extra damage.

At this time, you should cast the Blackhole right where you are to pull back the entire mob.

The 15% buff (and let’s not forget the Elemental Exposure passive) will make the Supermassive rune even more powerful than it already is, and you can then make life even more miserable for the entrapped mob by summoning a powerful Lightning Bound Meteor right at the location of the Blackhole. Result: complete devastation.

If you’ve got good DPS and high crit-chance/crit-damage, very few enemies would be able to survive what you just threw at them.

During this time your Blackhole will be in cool-down, and you can scrap the remaining enemies (if there are any) with an extended Mirror Image that will keep foes busy for 10 seconds with the Extension of Will rune. And if there’s still a few enemies or an Elite super-monster to take care of, just nuke it again.

For that added juice and some protection, you’ll have the assistance of the Energy Tap rune from Energy Armor and Astral Presence. Glass Cannon again is a no-brainer, and Illusionist will make sure your call for help isn’t unanswered when you yell “get me out of here!” during those not-so-nice situations.

Recommended Gear
For this, stack up as much Critical Hit Chance/Damage as you can. This will make your nuke even more powerful and you’ll be able to clear mobs within a jiffy. Also, make sure you have some sort of equipment that would reduce cool-downs. This will allow you to use your nuke more often (as Blackhole will become available quicker).

It will also help to have lots of Diamonds in your armor for the added resistance. This is a squishy build, so you’ll need good toughness (from vitality and armor) and elemental resistance (diamonds!) to survive if your nuke fails for some reason, or if you’re facing something like a Nephalem Rift Guardian.