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Turtle Rock Sheds Light on Evolve in AMA

In a recent AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit, Turtle Rock revealed interesting factoids about the game to create hype for the Monster vs Human shooter.

The team explained as to why they decided to go for Cry Engine instead of other platforms available presently. Crytek’s new engine offers better capabilities of providing environments with lush vegetation. Such environments play a huge role in Evolve by providing hiding areas for both humans and monsters. Hence, it was only logical to use that engine.

As the Monster players have to hunt wildlife in order to evolve into stronger forms that helps to take on the human hunters. However, it must be noted that the animals will not be easy prey. Each match is set to last around 10-15 on maps averaging around half a kilometer. So the Monster has to hunt and consume animals as fast as possible whilst the hunters have to find and take him out before he becomes too strong.

Turtle Rock, noting the long-running success of Left 4 Dead, are aiming to make Evolve from a high replay-value point of view.

Much like L4D, we have a lot of procedural systems that make it so that every match isn’t the same. Combine the procedural systems with multiple maps, multiple hunters, multiple monsters, multiple wildlife species…you end up with a game with a crap load of diversity. Years later people are still playing a lot of L4D, and straight out of the box Evolve will have A LOT more content than L4D shipped with…pile on some great post launch support and content…we feel like we’re making something people will be playing for a long time to come.

Similar to Left 4 Dead, each Human Hunter in Evolve will have a unique back story, which will be revealed in mid-battle banter between the hunters.

Evolve is expected to release on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One in Q3 2014.

Source: Reddit