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Square Enix Collective Launched, Their Very Own Crowdfunding Space

Square Enix Collective was previously being tested with a pilot version. The three games that were selected for the test run were accepted gladly by the voters. The positive appreciation of the platform has now led to its full size launch.

Collective is a crowdfunding platform that works much like Steam Greenlight that will work in collaboration with Indiegogo. It was originally announced back in October.

Phil Elliott the project lead for Square Enix Collective says that they have experienced great success in the pilot phase and so the platform would now be fully available. He invites original ideas from all over the globe:

“The pilot phase went really well, we learned so much during the test month and the teams we worked with; Tuque Games, Kitfox Games and Ruffian Games, have given great and useful feedback. Now it’s over to you as we open up the platform on an ongoing basis, and see what sort of ideas come in, from developers all around the world and what gamers think of those ideas.”

Moreover, Elliot made a point stating that the most asked about game among people in voting was World War Machine; hence, it would be the first game to be launched for crowdfunding through Collective. The game is being developed by Tuque Games.

The platform has been nominated in the Innovation in Business category for the GameIndustry Innovation Award. Since the other nominees were names like Valve, Kickstarter, Supercell and Disney; one should get the idea of the potential that the project has.

Would you be inclined towards another crowdfunding platform in the shape of Square Enix Collective? What will change because of the fact that it is being run by Square Enix?