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Plex Coming to Xbox One “SOON” – Time to Make Things Organized

Microsoft has confirmed that they will be allowing Plex Client development for the Xbox One. The makers of Plex are given a membership of the ID@Xbox, so that they can develop and release the software for the Xbox One as soon as possible.

In case some people are unfamiliar with Plex, must know that it is a software that will help you in organizing all your personal media, which will become accessible on your mobile phones, tablets and laptops anywhere you want.

Plex also provides access to number of streaming channels such as Vimeo, YouTube, CNN and TED talks etc. It also provides integrated cloud services that include Google Drive, Copy & Bitcasa, Box and Dropbox.

The developers have not given the exact release date but have assured the fans that they will start working on the project right now and make it available for the Xbox One very soon.

In their Xbox One reveal show, Microsoft promised that they will make their next-gen console a single device for all the entertainment. With Plex and other important softwares coming to the console in the upcoming updates, Microsoft looks right on track on keeping their word.

Plex is currently available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, Linux and Windows Phone and soon will be available to you at the Xbox One.

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