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The Elder Scrolls Online’s Strange Subscription System Upsets Players

Purchasing The Elder Scrolls Online gets you a free 30 day trial; after which players have to pay a monthly subscription of $15 to continue playing. That seems pretty ordinary, except for the fact that players have to establish a subscription to even gain access to that free trial.

Since the past couple of days, players have been venting their anger on the game’s forum, relaying their disappointment over the strange trial period. Firstly those who have purchased the game, but are unable to set up a subscription right away, are being shut out from accessing the free 30-day trial from tomorrow.

Secondly, Zenimax Online is pre-authorizing users’ credit and debit cards for the full $15 fee. This is a major inconvenience for some, as one forum user explains:

So basically, because I only have about $12 in my bank (I’m between paydays), I’m not going to be able to play the game I ALREADY PAID FOR until next week when I have enough to cover the authorization? What kind of nonsense is this!?

Not everyone has a credit or debit card handy and hence those planning to pay through prepaid game time cards are facing issues as well. As it turns out, the time cards are not widely available at this point and hence players are most likely to skip out on setting up a subscription and at the same time skipping out on the free trial.

Zenimax Online has acknowledged at least part of the issue, announcing that those who entered their “payment information for authorization and the transaction canceled due to lack of funds in your account,” they should contact Zenimax’s support team and they’ll ensure your access to the 30 days of game time.

Zenimax Online should hold on their horses. They seem a bit too excited in charging for a MMO that looks to be just borrowing the Elder Scrolls name. Authorizing a credit card for payment before the subscription begins, that’s a new low.

Source: Kotaku