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Eidos Montreal is Hiring For Next Deus Ex Game

It is not news that the next Deus Ex game is in development. However, what exactly are they looking for in the new game? We are sure that fans of the series would hang on to every word that comes out under the new Deus Ex game label, so here’s something new to munch on.

Eidos Montreal, the studio developing the game is currently hiring new developers.

One job listing that has popped up over their official website is for an Online Programmer who they are – most probably – hiring for the next Deus Ex game.

Here is what they are expecting from the new Online Programmer, make of it what you will:

  • Work with the design team and a large programming team on the implementation of functions of online games;
  • Building a suite of tools to ensure the operation of a game in live mode;
  • Have the ability to operate in an environment of multi-platform development;
  • 5-10 years experience in the video game industry as a programmer;
  • Minimum of two published title – at least one as a programmer “online” video game;
  • Good knowledge of Xbox Live, PSN and Steam API;
  • Experience and good command of Square Enix Online Suite is an asset;
  • Experience working on multi-player games is an asset.
  • Experience in developing cross platform a plus.

We know that traditionally, the focus of Deus Ex games is on single player, let’s see how much will the multiplayer be focused on in the next Deus Ex game.