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Destiny: Guardians’ Weapons Will Not be Exclusive to Classes

Destiny releases on September 9, can’t wait for that long? Well, it’s going to be Bungie and the choice of information they decide to share with you that you will have to suffice with. For now, the latest weekly update shed more light on the Destiny Guardians and their weapons inventory system. It’s going to be free for all to use!

The community manager Deej was asked if the Guardians will be allowed to choose weapons according to their wishes regardless of the class that they are in. his reply reads:

“There are lots of character elements that are exclusive to player classes. Each breed of Guardian will fight and move and grow in unique ways. The weapon arsenal, however, is a free-for-all of firepower and mayhem.

Your roguish Hunter can enjoy a Sniper Rifle in his hands and a hand-cannon in his holster. My regal Warlock can butt a belt-fed heavy machine gun against his shoulder, with a Pulse Rifle at the ready. Urk’s burly Titan can draw a Scout Rifle against his foe, holding a Shotgun in reserve. Each of can mix and match and repeat”.

Moreover, these are just some examples of what options you could have in the game, and the weapons can be upgraded too. So actually there’s going to be quite a lot of room to play around.

How would this improve the way you play with Destiny Guardians? How do you think this would decrease the level of distinction that each class has in the game?