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DayZ Standalone Update To Add Fire Ovens, Tweak Abilities and Balance Weapons

Recently Bohemia Interactive announced that their game had managed to bag over 1.7 million copies worth of sales.

Evidently, the game is in demand and that calls for the developer to do more and here’s how they plan to improve your experience with the upcoming DayZ Standalone update.

There are a lot of areas that the update will touch and among the expected changes are Fireplaces, finally. The developer said that they were now ready to start rolling out the new feature along with a new ability to set objects on fire.

You may read up on the fireplaces that are coming to the game by visiting this page.

Moving on, the DayZ Standalone update will tweak the physics of the game and add throwing to your character’s abilities. You will now be able to power up the throw just like it is with a bow and arrow.

The feature will be introduced to the experimental build next week.

Based on the feedback that the developers have received from the community, they will be tweaking the mouse controls. For example “players head (view) will move instantly with raw 1:1 mouse feedback.

Weapons may “lag behind” depending on how heavy and cumbersome the weapon is.” This means wielding a pistol means you can fire sooner than an M4. Expect this in the experimental next week.

As far as the art related changes are concerned; their lead artist, Chris Torchia said that they were working on motion captures relating to drawing, firing and reloading animations for the same.

There is a lot more to learn about the upcoming DayZ Standalone update make sure you know what to expect before it releases later this month.

Source: DayZ Tumblr.