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Xbox Live Services Go Down for Xbox One Users

In the past hour, Microsoft’s Xbox Live service has suddenly gone down, leaving a large horde of players furiously ranting on forums about not having to do anything on the weekend.

According to the Xbox support page, the issue is with being able to sign into Xbox Live entirely. Xbox One users trying to do so in the last hour or so have been met with error 0x87DD0006.

Microsoft was quick to acknowledge the problem and stated that work has already been started to correct the issue. Following that statement, an update was provided that Xbox Live services are back up but are so in ‘Limited’ quantity. I reckon everything will be fully functional in the next 30 minutes.

Meanwhile some players have started reporting that they are finally able to log back in to their Xbox Live accounts. The issue though is still there for a specific circle of gamers who are still left out.

Microsoft has not revealed the cause of the temporary break down.