Minecraft 1.7.6 Update Pre-release 1 Allows Name Changes, Details Inside

Name changing has been one of the most-requested features of the sandbox game. The wish will finally come true with Minecraft 1.7.6 update. Mojang has shared the details and announced that the Prerelease 1 version of the update is now live for testing.

Once the Minecraft 1.7.6 update is live it will allow people to be identified with their unique IDs instead of their names.

If you don’t know the extent to which this could impact; this would mean that a player will stay banned/whitelisted/oped from the game once and for all, no matter what their name is.

Along with the announcement post, the posted a list of Frequently Asked Questions so that your queries may be answered easily.

The questions have explained that if a banned player changes their name, they will still stay banned.

Even though the unique IDs will be attached to everyone, people will still have to manage unique names. This means that you can’t imitate someone by using their name as yours.

As far as the timing for when the players will be able to change their name is concerned:

We will enable name changing when we feel that enough users are using 1.8 or higher, so that servers have time to switch to the new player formats.

We do not have any details on how name changes will be performed or any restrictions that will be required to actually perform a name change. We want it to be easy and freely available, but we also don’t want people changing their name every 5 minutes!

Lastly, the changes are not going to be compatible with 1.7.5 so you better update already. How excited are you about Minecraft 1.7.6 update?