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Microsoft Apologizes for Xbox Live Sign in Problems on March 11th – Issues a Reward

Microsoft is apologizing to those fans that were unable to sign in to their Xbox Live accounts on 11th of March. All the player affected by the issue have been offered a token of 7 days of Xbox Live Gold Subscription of as an apology.

Microsoft stated in their apology:

We know you experienced an issue signing in on your Xbox One on 3/11/2014. We apologize and will soon give you 7 days of Xbox Live Gold for your inconvenience.

Many of the Xbox One users were not able to sign in to the their Xbox Live accounts on the launch day of one of the biggest releases this year, Titanfall.

Most of the people thought that the problem occured due to high pressure on servers due to Titanfall but Microsoft declined all these rumors and stated that this issue had nothing to do with Titanfall.

The source of problem is still unknown but it is good to see Microsoft trying to reward their fans for their patience.

Titanfall has been the biggest launch for the Xbox One until now and has increased the sale of the console almost 3 times. It wouldn’t be much of a surprise if servers went down due to overloading.

What do you think the reason was behind the failure of sign in? Tell of your theories in the comments below!