Battlefield 4: Megalodon Easter Egg Finally Discovered

Ever since the release of Battlefield 4; players have been scouring about in search of the many easter eggs hidden inside its maps.

One of them was said to be a Megalodon Shark, hiding somewhere beneath the Paracel Storm map. Players have spent months diving through the waves and searching for a way to activate an event, but it was all in vain.

That search ends today.

The Megalodon Shark was in fact not in Paracel Storm, but in one of the new maps added with the Naval Strike expansion pack. Youtube user Jackfrags discovered the Megalodon on Nansha Strike; where him and his nine buddies had to gather at a buoy which triggered the giant shark to jump out of the water and land near the buoy.

Jackfrags noted that the shark doesn’t attack the players gathered around it.

The easter egg was teased by DICE’s Aleksander Grondal in an interview last October where he teased about an easter egg that will make everyone in the server go ‘WTF?’ it was mentioned in the web series “Battlefield Friends” where a character warns his teammates to get out of the water because there are Megalodons in it.

Naval Strike is the first Battlefield 4 Expansion, adding 4 new maps, a new game mode, 5 new weapons and gadgets.

The Expansion Pack is now available for Battlefield’s Premium Subscribers to download and will be available to the regular players for 15$ across all platforms.