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EVE Online Recall Program Brings Rewards for Calling Back Unsubscribed Gamers

Do you remember the EVE Online Buddy Program, the one that allowed you to invite your buddies into New Eden? Well, CCP Games are at it again but this time they are aiming at the unsubscribed users instead of new ones. EVE Online Recall Program has been announced that will let the players invite ‘an old ally’ back to the game and earn rewards in return.

The official website has an announcement post that explains how everyone you invite will get seven days of free game time:

The Recall Program will allow current subscribers to grant seven (7) days of free game time to previous subscribers who been unsubscribed for six months or more. This will allow you to reach out to those players that you used to play with or against, and give them a way back into the game.

You should consider this program a beta test of the system; the rewards and requirements may change based on the feedback we receive from you.

If the invited person re-subscribes after being given the seven day game time through EVE Online Recall Program, you will become eligible for a reward for the month in which they re-subscribe.

There will be different number of rewards for each month and for April there are three: new clothing items, new, cosmetic ship skin blueprint copy for the Machinaw Exhumer – The Mackinhaw ORE Development edition and lastly PLEX.

There is a long list of terms and condition as well as eligibility criteria that you will need to meet in order to benefit from the EVE Online Recall Program. Check it out and let us know what you think of it.