Caffeine Ship Explored in the New Gameplay Teaser

It’s going to be dark, it’s going to be lonely, and it’s going to be fun; that is what the new Caffeine gameplay trailer is telling us about the game.

So what is Caffeine all about, let me first share with you what I know so far. It is an Unreal Engine 4 powered indie game that is being made by Dylan Browne. The game was crowd-funded though Indiegogo.

Moreover, the game is going to be a puzzle based horror adventure game and well, let’s be honest, it does try and look similar to Alien: Isolation. What is of more importance is the way an indie developer has managed to attain those similarities in such a low budget.

The story of the game will take you to a spaceship that was being used to mine caffeine; while it is mostly going to be a psychological horror, there will be elements of puzzles intermingled with the overall experience of the game.

Check out the Caffeine gameplay trailer below and let us know if you would be betting your money on the game or not?