Call of Duty: Ghosts Devastation DLC Easter Eggs and Secrets

Call of Duty: Ghosts Devastation just came out, and it is swarming with Easter-Eggs and secrets, which are pretty fun to discover.

Most of these references are related to aliens and their hostile technologies, which can be used against your human adversaries. Check out some of these Easter-Eggs that we have come across and don’t forget to share if you discover something new!

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Be a Predator
Being a Maniac Juggernaut is exceedingly fun in Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer. However, in Devastation DLC, you can actually become a Predator and prey on some human soldiers with their puny weapons.

While playing on the Ruins, you can try and complete different Field Orders hoping that you might become villain from Predator movies. Completing a random Field Order will drop down a Care Package from a Chopper, which might make you a Predator.

You will run around the map in an alien suit and if someone manages to kill you, a large nuclear explosion will occur, which will kill every single enemy in the game. Furthermore, note that Predator can only be acquired only once in the game.

As for its abilities, it pretty much works like a Maniac with extra health, more agility, heat-detector vision, and invisibility.

Lava Eruption
Once you have received the Predator, you can receive another Field Order, which is called Volcano Bomb. After completing this Field Order, you will see a volcano erupting at the back of the map which will target enemies and kill them.

Alien Skulls
Once again, on the Ruins multiplayer map-pack, at the rooftop of a small building, you will see various Alien Skeleton Skulls. It is very same building where you will come across Alien Eggs Nests.

The alien skulls are an obvious reference to Extinction.

Hives in Multiplayer Maps
In all the Devastation multiplayer maps, you will see Extinction Hive Eggs, which can be shot to earn Egg-stra Devastation Achievement/Trophy. You will also get bonus 10,000 XP for discovering all of them.

We have a separate guide on Egg-stra Devastation Achievement/Trophy. Make sure to check it out and tell us what you think in the comments below!