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Amazon Fire TV Doesn’t Necessitate the Official Controller, Supports Other Controllers Too

Amazon Fire TV was officially announced by the online retailing giant day before yesterday, and it has really caught our interest.

Now, the company has officially unveiled their official controller too – yes it looks exactly like the image that was leaked previously. However, we have picked up word that it won’t be necessary for users to buy the controller if they wish to play games on it.

This is due to a couple of reasons; first off, it has been explained by Amazon that the remote control that comes with the set top box, can be used to play certain games. Secondly, Amazon also plans to launch an app in the near future that would somehow be used for the same purposes. The app in question is expected to be launched next month.

Moreover, Hardcore Gamer has reported that certain other controllers are compatible with Amazon Fire TV; for instance, if you use a wired Xbox 360 controller. As far as the wireless controllers are concerned, MOGA and Nyko Bluetooth pads can be used with the device.

Based on what they have reported, the official controllers of PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and OUYA should also work with Amazon Fire TV – theoretically.

As far as the official controller for Fire TV is concerned, it is currently priced at $40 but seems to be backordered right now. You won’t be able to get your hands on it until April 24 at least.

Amazon is currently gearing up to enter the gaming race with Amazon Game Studio; we recently reported that they were hiring some of the notable industry veterans. That combined with the launch of their very own Android based mini-console, it looks like they are here to stay.

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