Age of Wonders III’s Level Editor is Powerful But Friendly

Triumph Studios has released a new video for Age of Wonders III that shows off the game’s level editor.

Titled “Let’s Edit,” the game’s level editor is seemingly very simple to use and hence is perfect to allow users to “craft their own single and multiplayer scenarios.” The game’s content library gives you access to all the available assets, and you simply have to select, drag and drop.

Furthermore, players can create their own unique characters and campaigns with cut-scenes, their own original art assets and voice-overs.

The level editor is accessible in the launcher right now and is available for free to all players. According to Triumph Studios, they used the same level editor to create the maps present already in the game.

You can watch the video above to see just how easy it is and then start working on your own custom campaign with new characters, assets and story.

Age of Wonders III was released earlier this week for the PC.