The Wolf Among Us Episode 3 Releases This Tuesday, Launch Trailer Filled with Spoilers

Did you play Smoke and Mirrors, The Wolf Among us Episode 2? If you enjoyed it, the Bigby saga is continuing on with The Wolf Among Us Episode 3, A Crooked Mile.

Telltale Games has finally put a release date on the episode, and it is Tuesday, April 8, 2014.

The announcement was made through the official Twitter profile of the developer where they confirmed that the PC and Mac versions will see the release on a worldwide scale while the PS3 version of the game will get A Crooked Mile in the North American region.

Moreover, the Xbox 360 version and the PS3 version’s European release will commence on the next-day, i.e. April 9. Although they didn’t give a specific date, the iOS version of The Wolf Among Us Episode 3 is expected to come in the week after that.

If you are new to the game, The Wolf Among Us is an episodic adventure title that was originally started on October 11 last year with the first episode called Faith. This was followed by Smoke and Mirrors and now A crooked Mile.

Two more episodes namely In Sheep’s Clothing and Cry Wolf are scheduled to be released in the near future though the developer hasn’t disclosed any dates for them.

As far as the third episode is concerned, it received a launch trailer yesterday. The video is going to be full of spoilers if you haven’t completed the first two episodes so beware.

The video shows Bigby Wolf tracking down Ichabod Crane who is the prime suspect of a murder, other people following the same guy are also shown. Check it out yourself.

How many of you have been playing the game? Will you buy The Wolf Among Us Episode 3?