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Twitch to Get Private Chatroom Feature, Open Beta Announced

The largest and only major video game streaming platform Twitch has today announced a new beta program for a Group Chat feature. The feature will allow users to create private chat rooms and talk in whispers.

The Chat Rooms will be invite only and act as a totally separate channel. The Private Chat Room feature will only be available to members of the Twitch Partner Program; in other words paying streamers.

The regular Twitch users on the other hand cannot make their own private rooms but they can have access to the private room created by a Twitch Partner member.

The Chat Rooms will also include tools for moderators similar to the ones available in the regular channel. Broadcasters can assign members as moderators, as well as allow selected members to invite users to the stream.

“One of the defining features of Twitch is the ability to chat with fellow gamers,” the announcement reads. “It’s where community memes begin, it’s where gamers express their glee, outrage, befuddlement, or amusement, and it’s why the platform’s engagement level is off the charts. Twitch is a social place, and chat is where the social exchange happens.”

Currently the Beta Initiative is available only on the Web for now but extension of the beta to Twitch Partners will be determined during the beta. A demonstration video is available on the Twitch’s official blog.