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Humble Weekly Sale: Get Little Inferno, Super Hexagon and Natural Selection 2 for $1

The latest Humble Bundle is being hosted by Destructoid and offers six new DRM-free titles to be added to your library.

For the minimum amount of $1 you can get Little Inferno, Super Hexagon and Natural Selection 2. You can though unlock three more titles by paying either $6 or more. Paying more than the average will get you Critter Crunch, PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate, and Hotline Miami.

The bundle also includes soundtracks to all except Critter Crunch and Hotline Miami; which is really a shame because Hotline Miami has a terrific set of retro tracks.

All titles except for Critter Crunch are redeemable on Steam, and can be played on Mac.

All proceedings from sale will be forwarded to Watsi and Child’s Play Charity. The bundle will be replaced with a new one after six days and so far has been purchased 8000 times.

Source The Humble Bundle