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Half Life 2 Meets Unreal Engine, The Results are Impressive

Half Life 2, almost a ten year old game and still among the best games ever to have seen the light. Some of the environments of the game have now been re-created by a Polycount Forum user Logithx using the Unreal Development Kit.

User ‘Logithx’ has worked his socks off to work on the environments of the one of the most popular cities in the game “City 17”.

The screenshots above looks absolutely stunning, but the user don’t want to stop just here, he is looking to convert all this art to the Unreal Engine 4. The screenshots now are looking so great, can you even imagine what they will look like with the latest Epic’s engine.

Logithx wrote on Polycount:

Everything was rebuilt from the ground up, including high-poly’s and all the stuff that goes with. No original Half-Life 2 material will be used (except for Dr.Breen’s face and the Combine insignia). I’ll provide screenshots of all the high-poly models and the likes when the time comes.

The ‘Source’ engine that was used to create Half Life 2 and its episodes had been the most licensed video game engine of whole last generation. The studio also used the same engine for creating Left 4 Dead series.

Valve has been working on to bring games to the next-gen platforms with the help of their new engine which is rumored to be named Source 2. Gabe Newell said that he is waiting for the right game to accompany the engine’s release (Half Life 3 or Left 4 Dead 3).

What do you think of these newly released HD screenshots of Half Life 2? Would you like an HD version of the game or do you want the Third Episode? Sound off in the comments below!